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Desmistificando a palavra dentista

"Uma bateria e uma bola custam U$1,10 . A bateria custa U$ 1 a mais que a bola. Quanto custa a bola? " hummm........................................................... U$ 0,10 !!! Certo?????? o numero 10 vem na ponta da lingua na hora ! Mas surpreendentemente, a resposta esta errada ! A resposta certa , eh 0,05 centavos. UAU !!! Quando li isso , na mesma hora pensei : ISSO EH O QUE ACONTECE QUANDO AS PESSOAS ESCUTAM A PALAVRA DENTISTA !!!!!! Voce responde U$0,10 e eu odeio dentista com a mesma facilidade ! Segundo o autor do livro thinking fast and slow, isso ocorre pois " respondemos de uma forma intuitiva, apelativa e na maioria das vezes, errada" Quase com certeza, quando alguém te diz que esta indo para uma consulta ao dentista, ou que tem q ir ao dentista, quase sempre a sua reacao tende a ser pensar: : Aiii , coitado ! pensamos : a bola e a bateria custam...
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Teeth thinking fast and slow

” A battery and a ball cost U$1,10 . If the bat. costs U$1 dollar more than the ball , how much costs the ball???? ”


yupiiii !!! probably thats what came to your mind ! Am I right???

Yes ! Usually that is what comes to our minds !

But no … The bat costs U$ 0,05. If it costs 0.10 the bat and the ball will cost U$1,20

According to Daniel Kahneman,  the author of the book thinking fast and slow( its a must read !) ,  usually when you think very fast , you think according to your intuition , and that many times is apelative and wrong.


It is intuitive and fast : dentist  =’s bad! pain! putty…

If you tell someone you are going to the dentist they immediately think : oh..poor you….

SO… My job is to dismistify the dentist thing !

If you are able to get the conscious that is very important to control you sugary diet, brush and floss, and you keep your regular hygiene appointments ( here in Brazil they are still made by us, dentists) . Probably you are elected to have a blessed “going to the dentist” .

I want to show patients that it is possible to go to the dentist for cleaning and minor interventions .  I repeat : if cavities are treated while in enamel , many times we can do a composite feeling with no anesthesia.

With that being said , I like engaging my patients in keeping the hygiene and coming to the office just to catch up, watch an episode at appletv , a concert, or just turn on the massage at the chair , put on a shady glass and RELAX . Trust me, you will sleep while having treatment done !


Health should always be the number one concern

All my queries always start with a thorough cleaning, tartar removal and analysis of periodontal pockets.The periodontal pockets and local gingival inflammation causes the gingiva "peel" of the tooth, forming a bag. Normally when we do a good sweep, we remove all plaque and tartar present there, doing a good polishing the gums back to normal in a matterof days. It's common patients come to the clinic with inflamed gums, full of Tatars and with several cavities in teeth and report to me that would just make a whitening! Here this isn't possible because health comes firts. Be a whitening or implant surgery, I have as protocol, always start with a clean, a clinical examination, together with radiographs and make sure that I'm stabilizing that oral environment, generating HEALTH. The oral health and prevention are the cornerstones for a life without dental stress. The tooth has three "layers", the smalte (highly mineralized /...
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