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Health should always be the number one concern

All my queries always start with a thorough cleaning, tartar removal and analysis of periodontal pockets.The periodontal pockets and local gingival inflammation causes the gingiva “peel” of the tooth, forming a bag. Normally when we do a good sweep, we remove all plaque and tartar present there, doing a good polishing the gums back to normal in a matterof days.

It’s common patients come to the clinic with inflamed gums, full of Tatars and with several cavities in teeth and report to me that would just make a whitening! Here this isn’t possible because health comes firts.

Be a whitening or implant surgery, I have as protocol, always start with a clean, a clinical examination, together with radiographs and make sure that I’m stabilizing that oral environment, generating HEALTH. The oral health and prevention are the cornerstones for a life without dental stress.

The tooth has three “layers”, the smalte (highly mineralized / little vascularized), the dentin (less mineralized, already with vascularization) and the pulp (highly vascularized, is the heart of the tooth).

When we treat a caries that still is in enamel, for example, we can often perform the restore without anesthesia. YES! Removal of caries without anesthesia! This is because the enamel has poor vascularization.

The longer we let pass, the caries is increasing and begins to approach the pulp, which is the heart of the tooth. In these cases, treatment can only be performed with anesthesia. In most cases have to involve a prosthetic work done in the laboratory, which increases greatly and in some cases more advanced, it may be necessary to treat the channel, making pin and crown! NO! You will not want to feel pain, to go to various queries, and even spend a lot of money!!

Keep periodic visits every six months, do basic radiographs (bitewings) every year and don’t wait to feel pain to seek your dentist!

The goal of the clinic Hirsch is to meet the needs of each client and guide on the importance of periodic visits to the dentist to maintain the oral health.

Among the main advantages of our services are the air-conditioned environment, rubber teethers that never tire of keeping the mouth open, dark goggles to the spotlight don’t bother you, the sucker has the tips protected with a foam to not “pinch “, massage chairs and you will always invited to listen to a song or watching a movie / TV show as it is served.

Start to have a oral health! Come to live this experience.



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