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Juliana Hirsch

Dra. Juliana Hirsch

Graduated from the Estacio de Sa University, soon joined the specialization course in Restorative Dentistry at PUC-RJ and began to work in dental clinics. In her passage through the outer Juliana has specialized in prosthetics at NYU, where she won a fellowship and stayed during one more year. During this time the Dra. worked in the New York Smile Institute with one of her mentors.


– Graduated in dentistry in the Estacio de Sa University;
– Did specialization in Restorative Dentistry at PUC-RJ;
– Did specialization in prosthetics at NYU;
– She worked for a year in the New York Smile Institute;
– Has the title of “Master Dental Technician” by New York University;
– Currently is finishing the course “Aesthetic Advantage” with Dr. Michael Apa and
Dr. Larry Rosenthal, two of the biggest names in cosmetic dentistry;

“Cases of endodontics and orthodontics, according to their need, are referred to other dentists, who comes to our clinic to serve you”.

Dra Juliana Hirsch Certificates